Spawn Ideas, Production Assistant

  • Manages multiple print and material vendor relationships, conveying all time line, delivery, and budget concerns. Identified opportunities through research and negotiation that resulted in savings of thousands of dollars for a client.
  • Coordinates commercial shoots, talent database, shoot budgets, and copyright materials. 
  • Maintains and educates coworkers on electronic client and internal approval system allowing for a more efficient proofing system.
  • Collaborated with a cross-department team to edited create three winning RFPs, bringing in almost $100,000 in new business. 

The Alaska Club, Graphic Designer

  • Maintained brand reputation and continuity through information organization and graphic creation. 
  • Coordinated network-wide group fitness and aquatics scheduling of 400+ classes.
  • Established systems to support an open communication environment resulting in increased productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction.

City Farmers Nursery, Advertising Coordinator & Graphic Designer

  • Create and maintain online brand identity and reputation via custom website and consistent social media presence.
  • Organize and write a monthly newsletter to 4,000+ subscribers.
  • Plan, organize and manage a blog and marketing calendar for the marketing team. 

Energy Pioneer Solutions, Marketing Coordinator & Graphic Designer

  • Developed marketing materials and long-term marketing plans for an audience of 100,000+ which helped result in expansion to 12 new cities and two new states. Spent two months as acting marketing director. 
  • Maintained Energy Pioneer's online presence through social media outlets and EnergyPioneerSolutions.com. Created and directed the Energy Pioneer blog and organized a staff of four writers and multiple guests. Formulated long-term content calendar and premium content.
  • Created and maintained internal communication documents for a staff of 50 in seven different locations.
  • Manager of the radon department, a subsidiary of Energy Pioneer. Organized and lead a team of five to service over 175 homes in less than a year, operating at profit in eight months. 

Yahoo's Greenest City Internship

  • Organized community recycling program with a $10k budget for 2,500 youths.
  • Produced two television commercials and various radio interviews which aired on local TV and radio stations for three months.
  • Designed and executed complete marketing campaign in team environtment, including branding, promotions, and print outreach, targeting an audience of 25,000+.

Art Faculty Search Committee, Student Representative

  • Nominated as the student representative on a committee of staff and faculty to interview and select a new professor for a tenured position at Hastings College.  Worked alongside of two department heads and three professors.   
  • Narrowed the search from 175 applicants to seven for phone interviews and three for in-person interviews.
  • Hosted student luncheons and provided feedback in the ultimate decision of the hire.

Nebraska Nature and Visitor's Center, Branding Intern

  • Produced a new brand identity and web presence for a Nebraska landmark organization in a team environment.
  • Graphic designer in charge of new logo design.

Hastings College Media

  • Journalist, editor, and graphic designer for HC's on campus newspaper, The Collegian
  • Graphic designer, marketing coordinator and on-air personality for campus radio station, 90.1 KFKX. Helped bring NPR's program "All Things Considered" to the station.
  • HC Media Online: Graphics, story editor, and web designer.

Perkins Library, Event Coordinator

  •  Event coordination for upwards of 25 attendees
  •  Winner of 2009 For Dummies competition
  •  Assisted professors and students with specialized research
  •  Coordinator of interim interlibrary loan system and trained incoming coordinator




 One pager designed to explain the Energy Pioneer process to prospective clients and investors.

One pager designed to explain the Energy Pioneer process to prospective clients and investors.

 (AP Photo/Bill Wolf)

(AP Photo/Bill Wolf)